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Bye-Bye Bacne – 4 Reasons Why You Have Persistent Bacne

Bacne – short for back acne, is a major confidence pitfall for men and women alike. Although most bacne aren’t a huge health concern, it does disturb your physical appearance and can cause some discomfort when they itch or bleed. Essentially, bacne forms when your pores are clogged from excess dirt and oil, creating little lumps all over your back. They appear not much different from pimples that appear on your face, although some bacne may differ in colour, shape and size. Check out the list below to see why you may have bacne and tips to ditch them once and for all!

Problem #1: Hormonal and genetic factors

A huge contribution to why one may have bacne are hormonal and genetic factors. If you are on some form of birth control program or are undergoing hormonal therapy, bacne may form. Moreover, if your parents or grandparents have experienced bacne problems at one point of their lives, it may have been passed on to you. 

Solution #1: Don’t give up!

Speak to a licensed dermatologist who can prescribe medication for your bacne based on your current treatment and lifestyle. 

Problem #2: Hygiene factors

Consider how clean you keep yourself throughout the day. If you do not take regular showers, sweat frequently without changing your attire, do not wipe yourself dry post a shower, wear clothes with material that do not suit your skin, bacne may form. 

Solution #2: Keep it squeaky clean!

Make small changes in your life in relation to cleanliness. Bring a towel and spare t-shirts to your workout session to avoid sweat sticking to your back excessively. Make sure you don’t have humid or wet skin before getting dressed and wear loosely-fitted clothes that do not cling to your back. 

Problem #3: Lifestyle and daily tools

Consider where you put your back all day long. When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Think of potential bed bugs that contact your skin when you’re asleep at night. And how long in a day do you perch your back on your office chair? 

Solution #3: Invest in yourself

Your back also requires extra love and care! Investing in a great mattress topper can help your back “breathe”, especially during your regular 8-hour nightly snooze. C-PRO Mattress Topper is known to reduce bacne breakouts due to its breathable nature, temperature regulation and easy-to-clean nature. The best part – no more lugging your mattress topper to the dry cleaners – a simple wash of soap and water does the job. 

Lean a little less on your office chair to avoid humidity getting trapped on your back. With a little help from C-PRO Classic Seat Cushion, your sitting down experience is improved to a whole new level, even if you’re not leaning back. 

Problem #4: Diet

Diet, as part of your lifestyle, is a huge influence in deciding your physical appearance. Your skin health is also greatly determined by what you consume. You might be intolerant to dairy, or gluten or highly-processed foods. 

Solution #4: Check and recheck

Try to observe your daily diets to see if you are over-consuming something. Consume everything in moderation, by focusing on adding unprocessed foods to your diet such as leafy greens, fruits and healthy nuts and seeds. If bacne persists, you might benefit from consulting a nutritionist who can guide you to eating well without cutting out your favorite meals. 

There’s no reason why you should live with bacne your entire life. With a few lifestyle and tool changes in your life, you’re set to bid your bacne goodbye!

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