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The Ultimate Nursery Checklist

Being new parents come with many decisions, one of which is nursery design! It’s easy to overspend when designing your baby’s brand new nursery. After all, the miniature versions of our everyday things are absolutely adorable – getting overwhelmed and overspending are often instances that happen inevitably! But it’s important to note that babies are actually simple little creatures; some items are essentials and the rest are simply nice to have. No matter where your nursery is; whether you have a dedicated room or simply an extension of your own, you can achieve comfort and versatility. So here’s a checklist to help you set up the perfect baby nursery without busting your bank account!

All Things Sleep:

– An appropriately-sized cot and a mattress that fits snugly within the cot frame. Select a fuss-free mattress that is easy to clean. Remember that babies dirty themselves around the clock and that diapers aren’t 100% leak-proof. It also helps to select a mattress that works around the baby’s temperature. At C-PRO, we’re proud of our mattress topper which is easy to clean, helps regulate your tot’s body temperature, most importantly, anti-SIDS due to its advanced breathe-easy engineering. CLICK HERE to shop. Bonus – no more bed bugs! The AIRMATE environment simply does not let them live there. 

– Cot sheets and a pillow. Declutter as much as you can. We don’t recommend toys, books or any other non-essential sleep tools to be placed in the cot. They prove to be a choking hazard for babies who don’t have full arm mobility just yet. 

– A white noise machine to help your baby sleep deeply without disturbing sounds from passing cars, the doorbell and other noises. 

All Things Feeding:

– Feeding moms will spend lots of time in the nursery for baby nourishment purposes; irrespective if you choose to breast or bottle-feed. Investing in a great seating cushion will help you speed your physical recovery journey for postpartum moms. Check out our MOMMY CUSHION – AIRMATE INSIDE to support your motherhood journey. You can now enjoy your feeding sessions a little better, without compromising your posture. 

All Things Diapering:

– A changing table to help you change your baby’s diaper without bending excessively, risking backaches and sore waist. Remember to secure the sides to keep it fall-free. 

– A diaper pail to cut multiple trips a day to the disposal. 

All Things Storage:

– Shelves and cabinets, ideally drilled to the wall, to store your baby’s belongings such toys, diapers, books and the rest. 

– A dresser to store baby clothes. We recommend a closed-door style to keep your babywear dust-free.  

All Things Comfort:

– A play-mat for when your child grows big enough to crawl or sit on the floor to play. Select one that is sturdy but soft enough to soften the blow in case your child trips over themselves. 

– Sitting on the floor can prove to be a challenge for parents, especially for moms undergoing postpartum recovery. C-PRO’S TOBU FLOOR CUSHION is created to help parents remain spine-healthy even while being seated on the floor for long hours. The best part – they’re equally easy to clean in case of accidents – water and soap are all it takes to get them brand new again. 

All Things Safety:

– A baby monitor that alerts you when the baby is undergoing some form of distress. If your house/apartment is compact, you might not need this. 

Putting together a nursery shouldn’t come at the cost of your dollars and mind. Sticking to the basic essentials and mindfully purchasing the “it might be nice to have these” items, will go a long way forward to help keep your nursery clean, spacious and most importantly, safe.

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