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Beauty Sleep – It’s a Real Thing!

Beauty sleep – a term that so loosely slips off our tongue that we don’t overthink about what it means and what it does. But, in case you’re wondering, there is such a thing as beauty sleep – it’s not a made up word by a bunch of business people trying to sell sleeping tools or skincare. 

Miraculous things happen to our body when we fall asleep. Our brain plays a part in hormonal rebalancing, our skin fights off harmful substances from staying put and our entire body works together harmoniously to restore and repair the needful. A good night’s sleep results in a happier self, better immunity and overall, a much better life. Read one of our articles to learn more about Sleep Facts You (Probably) Don’t Know About Yet!.

Besides the obvious benefits of sleep, it is equally known that sleep plays a large role in maintaining our physical appearance. That’s where the term beauty sleep comes from. Read more to learn about how sleep affects your looks:

– A good night’s sleep results in smoother, more glowing skin. It also allows our face to appear more approachable, with less puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. 

– No point following that anti-ageing routine if you’re not sleeping enough! Sleep is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on our face, making good sleepers look younger and enjoy more supple skin. Definitely cheaper than Botox! 

– Sleep helps you battle against skin stressors; such as sunburn, by means of quicker recovery and replenishment. Remember that sleep plays a huge role in overall recovery, skin included. 

– Ever heard of ghrelin? It’s a term to describe the hunger hormone. Ghrelin tends to be at its peak when we are sleep-deprived, causing us to continually crave for food, especially heavily-processed ones. In turn, our bodies continue to store excessive fat, resulting in weight gain and eventually, obesity. 

– Sufficient sleep promotes the production of the mood-balancing hormone called serotonin. Therefore, good sleepers are known to be happier and less moody people, generally making them more attractive and pleasant to others. 

– Sleep and mental health are greatly related in the sense that good sleepers are less prone to depression and mental imbalances, also linked by the production of serotonin in the body. 

Everyone deserves some beauty sleep. More often than not, sleep tools heavily promote the quality of sleep one ends up with. We may not need to be swaddled like babies do (read article here), but we have our very own set of sleep tools to support the requirement of a good night’s sleep. At C-Pro, we’re proud of our mattress topper, linked with the many benefits of sleep. Besides its spine-friendly nature, C-Pro’s mattress topper also self-regulates the temperature to keep you comfortable all night. 

Its breathable nature helps keep you cool (or warm) at night, as well as reducing the possibility of dampness on your skin. 

Fun fact – no more pesky bed bugs pestering your skin health. C’Pro’s Airmate technology ensures no insects sustain well in the Airmate environment. After all, skin rashes do not go hand in hand with beauty sleep. 

C-Pro’s mattress topper is made of food grade materials, causing no toxins and chemicals to come in contact with your skin. 

With the support of a comfortable environment and sufficient health habits, there is no reason why sleep should come with difficulty, unless you have a pre-diagnosed medical condition that prohibits sleep. 

Sleeping well helps you feel and look desirable and at C-Pro, we’re here to make sure you’re mirror-ready the very next morning. 

Ready for your beauty sleep with C-Pro?

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