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C-PRO, live sustainably
for better future

Sustainability at C-PRO

At C-PRO, we take sustainability seriously. Our commitment to the environment is evident in every aspect of our business, from our production process to our end product. We use food-grade materials with no chemical additives in our production. This ensures that our products are not only safe for our customers but also for the environment. Additionally, our end product is 100% recyclable, resulting in zero waste. We believe that it is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet, and we are constantly striving to find new ways to improve our sustainability efforts.

Our Packaging,
Plastic vs Cardboard

Do you know that making plastic packaging uses 40% less energy than cardboard? We are currently taking steps to eliminate cardboard from our packaging, and have made a conscious decision to use plastic packaging that is designed to be reused, rather than thrown away. We believe by prioritizing reusable packaging, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. By making these small but significant changes, we are moving closer towards our goal of creating a more sustainable future.

C-PRO Conscious Collection

Introducing C-PRO Conscious Collection, where the entire collection is made of recycled Airmate, a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and minimizing our impact on the environment. By purchasing from our Conscious Collection, you can experience our innovative Airmate technology while taking a significant step towards a greener future. Visit our Conscious Collection page to learn more and join us in our mission towards creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Reducing Our Footprint
& Supporting The Locals

We are proud to produce our products locally and to partner with local suppliers for our accessories. We believe in supporting our community by working with local businesses, which not only benefits the economy but also reduces our carbon footprint. While we still import our raw materials, as they are not yet available locally and there are no substitutes, we are committed to finding more sustainable options in the future. By sourcing materials closer to home, we can reduce transportation emissions and support sustainable practices.