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7 Tips to Building The Perfect Home Office

Post Covid-19, working from home is no longer a short term necessity, and is quickly becoming a fixed element for the working population. Making adjustments to our current work location and spending more time working remotely comes with many advantages; less commute time, more time spent at home with family, increased productivity and most importantly, cost efficiency for businesses due to lower amount of present workforce. Even post the pandemic, more and more businesses have come to terms with the effectiveness of their workforce while working from home, therefore enabling regular time periods for the same. 

Working on the perfect home office design may come through as a fun task for workers. A comfortable chair, appropriately-levelled desk, a piece of botany in the corner, an art piece on the wall and supportive lighting and temperature. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? However, there are a few simple rules to ensure that your home office ideas do not only focus on aesthetics, but suits its purpose of being built.

1. Start with your intention. Think of why you need a home office and its purpose and scope. This helps you decide what kind of equipment, background and tech you need in your home office, and reduces the possibility of clutter. Trust us – nothing reduces productivity as badly as clutter does!

2. How tech do you need it to be? Think of how many electrical gadgets you need and match it accordingly to electrical sockets and locations of each. This may, in turn, lead to desk setup decisions. It is also important to consider how much natural lighting the home office gets and match artificial lighting accordingly, setting you up for a cosy atmosphere.

3. Your workstation is key to ensure ultimate comfort. Investing in a great ergonomic chair helps you place your work tools efficiently, and having a comfortable chair helps maintain your posture. Do consider the number of hours you will spend in the home office before you opt for a chair. Your spine health rests on how well you are seated, so ensure that you give yourself the best ergonomic support. Alternatively, you could purchase a seat cushion to place on your current chair, to provide an extra boost of ultimate comfort. The seat cushion is scientifically-proven to reduce back pains caused by elongated sitting hours, improves posture and blood circulation and drastically reduces hip pressure. Check out C-Pro’s Classic Seat Cushion here – a much smaller investment than replacing your current work chair!

4. Select a flooring type that you do not simply “like” but is adjacent to the intent of your home office. Let’s face it; an artist may never purchase a white rug for their art space. Whether you’re looking into rugs, vinyl flooring and hardwood floors, ensure ultimate comfort and suitability to the rest of the house.

5. Find a way to keep track of your goals efficiently. Are you a noticeboard person, or prefer to set up frequent alarms to keep track of your daily tasks?

6. Work with office storages that help you fit in your tools effectively, without letting it come in the way of your work. For instance, if you’re not going to use your printer on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be better to have them fitted in an in-wall cupboard, as opposed to being on your desk?

7. Ensure enough space for you to walk around a fair bit, or enjoy a cup of coffee without bumping into anything. Consider the size of your home office before purchasing fixed assets such as tables, chairs, shelves and more.

Don’t let awkward space be a hindrance to making your home office ideas come to life. If you’re under the stairs, in the garage or stuck in a small space, the above tips will help you set up a home office that not only allows you extreme comfort, but helps you attain productivity with much less effort. 

Good luck and get inspired!

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